Lunes, Hulyo 8, 2013

Ibcbet Casino: Its Range of Bets: Odds formats and Stake Limits

In IBCBET Casino, there are more existing sports events where you can place your bets on: soccer, tennis, motor sports, badminton, ice-hockey, field hockey, handball, rugby, golf, swimming, athletics, cycling, basketball, baseball, snooker and many more. They also include horse and dog racing to place bets on.

IBCBET Casino is the only gambling operator in the world which offers a wide range of betting options more than anybody else. So far, IBCBET’s Asian handicap betting portfolio is the biggest betting odds.

For example in football, the customers are willing to place some more exotic bets they can choose from a huge list of special bets. They can choose where they place bets on events such as: the correct score, number of total goals, leader of the half-time/full-time, first/last goal, number of corners, offsides, substitutions, penalties, free kicks, goal kicks, throw-ins, top goal scorers and many others.
The bookmaker (a person who takes bets, calculates odds, and pays out winnings) offers a wide range of betting opportunities for every kind of a budget. It’s definitely THE place for high rollers and VIP players, because of extremely high betting limits.

The minimum wager should be no less than %4, whereas the maximum is set to an amazing $40,000 per single bet. Odds can be displayed in European (decimal), Hong Kong or Malay formats, depending on the user’s preference.

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